Public Speaking Masterclass – Become a Pro in 1 Day

From New York City to Udemy! Become a professional speaker in just 1 day thanks to our proven “Bootcamp Methodology”
This virtual Masterclass encompasses all essential skills needed for public speaking in any context. We believe in high quality trainings and precise methodologies over hour-long trainings that don’t get to the point. Therefore, this course is about making you present as much as possible to build and enhance your skill sets. This course covers delivery techniques that are universal to any masterful presentation, irrespective of the content.
This training is designed as a guided course that can be taken at your own pace. The Masterclass is for anyone who wants to build a solid foundation in Public Speaking for entry to senior levels. This training is designed for all genders and nationalities.
PARLÉ is a real leadership development firm based in New York City. Our cutting-edge programs are designed for leading corporations, startups and NGOs, and we work with all levels from beginners to Executives. Curriculum:
  • Lesson 1: Introduction
  • Lesson 2: Effective presenting, self-introduction and tackling nerves
  • Lesson 3: Posture
  • Lesson 4: Gestures
  • Lesson 5: Eye Contact
  • Lesson 6: Facial Expressions
  • Lesson 7: Purposeful Movement
  • Lesson 8: Voice
  • Lesson 9: Final Presentation
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Who this course is for:

  • All levels of public speakers for Business, Non-Profit and Public Policy

What you’ll learn

  • Learn all essential Public Speaking delivery skills for all levels and occasions such as Business presentations, keynote speeches and TED talks
  • Draw in your audience with vocal techniques to improve your influence
  • Build executive presence, look confident and manage nerves in a presentation setting
  • Our course is to the point and builds on years of practical experience in Public Speaking
  • Quickly improve your skills through at least one recording exercise per topic
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